Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

According to National Geographic there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in th1000px-Earth_recyclee ocean..and that was from two years. We’re told as kids growing up there is a difference between trash and recycling, but for most kids it’s as simple as a blue bin and any other colored bin. I know when I was growing up if it wasn’t plastic or glass it didn’t go in the blue recycling bin. There was no emphasis on recycling, if there was any doubt about where it could go it was trash. As I grew older and became more conscious and passionate about the planet and what humans were doing to trash it, I learned about how much more you can recycle than I thought, and how much people don’t recycle.

Trash and plastic in the ocean contribute to over 100,000 deaths to animals a year! For ten minutes of use to carry your groceries from your car to your house, plastic bags get improperly disposed of and left to cause harm to our environment and the living creatures within for hundreds and thousands of years to come. The Earth Institute at Columbia University reported that only about 6.5 % of the plastic discarded gets recycled and only 7.7% used for energy conversion, the rest of it sits in landfills for decades to leak pollutants into the surrounding soil and water.

If you look, there are surveys and interviews and studies done on the reasons why such a large number of people don’t recycle, but I like to use my own knowledge, experiences, and opinions about people to create a simple and straight-forward reason why; they don’t care. We have become such a consumer, materialistic, and rewarding culture that people need incentives to do things. If there is no immediate benefit for recycling, most people don’t. But I bet you if you were to give the people an incentive like money back for all the recyclables properly disposed of, people would take it more serious. There is such a dismissal of current issues like global warming, and ocean degradation, decline of marine life, and destruction of the beaches and coastline.

Even the slightest change in disposal techniques can make a huge difference. For every plastic bag and glass bottle and can that you choose to recycle instead of jus throw out, lives are saved and the land and ocean is preserved and protected. it doesn’t take much to do either, the town comes to your residence to pick up your trash! You don’t even have to go anywhere! The least people can do is sort their trash from recyclables and put out at least two bins of disposables.


2 thoughts on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    1. That’s great! There needs to be more people like you who are willing to put effort into recycling and reusing and the world will be much better off. Keep it up! Thanks for reading and commenting and stay tuned for more!


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