First blog post

Welcome to TheHowlander and thank you for reading my first blog post! Here I will discuss all the major issues we have going on surrounding the ocean community, why they are happening and what we can do to put an end to it.

My goal is to spread the word about how imperative it is to conserve and preserve the already struggling ocean and wildlife within. Illegal dumping of trash and hazardous materials, overfishing, and constant expensive construction projects on our beaches like dredging are some of the biggest issues and threats to the coastal communities and marine wildlife.

Two-thirds of the world’s fish populations are reported either at their limit or overfished. Overfishing has been an increasingly harmful activity to meet the exponentially growing global seafood markets. With organizations like Oceana, WWF, and even the local Surfer’s Environmental Alliance (SEA) based here out of Long Branch who bridge the gap between the people and the government/authority, help push and advocate for legislation protecting the beaches and ocean, and host events and fundraisers to get people involved and get things done.

The ocean is a marvelous thing and takes up most of the planet we live on. We still have only explored about 5 percent of the ocean. The sea provides us with a fairly quick, easy, and beautiful transportation route, water sports and adventure. We need to protect the amazing ocean that provides us with so much but gets little back from us. the least we can do it keep it and its inhabitants clean.



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