Fishing – Time to Get ‘Hooked’ on Something Else

The most common argument in the marine world is that fish don’t feel pain. But, like so many other issues in the world people fail to think it through further than just black and white. They might not feel the same kind of pain we do, but you better believe they don’t feel that sharp and serrated hook going through their cheeks and being yanked around until they physically cannot fight anymore. Most people aren’t even eating the fish they catch, it’s just “for fun.”

It behooves me that people enjoy tricking an animal onto a trap intentionally wounding them and more often than not killing them as an activity. “Catch and release” they say, “I put it back and it gets to live on”. A lot of times, that hook doesn’t just gently pierce the cheek of a fish, it can hit an eye, throat, lip or mouth, anywhere on the face of a fish that very much so relies on its seeing and eating ability. Without the convenience of arms and legs, fish rely on their lips and mouth tremendously  to eat and feed.

Fish are also way more intelligent than people think. They do feel, they can communicate, recognize other fish, and way more. These creatures are not just swimming pieces of protein put here for us, if they were they wouldn’t we almost extinct. These animals are capable of so much more and don’t deserve to have to live their lives in fear of falling into another one of our traps just so we can take a trophy picture to show our friends.

Maybe other animals can’t speak and tell us how they feel, but, is a fish thrashing around in the water desperately trying to swim away and avoid an almost sure death while bleeding out of its mouth or a cow kicking and screaming in its tiny little enclosure that is all too small for even a pet not evidence enough of these poor defenseless animals feeling all kinds of emotions and feelings that stem from our mistreatment and violence towards them? CUT IT OUT! It’s time to find a new hobby and way to spend time then to torture other animals for fun. What joy does catching a delicate and mostly peaceful and elegant sea-dweller bring?




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