Sustainable Companies

nOhSboftSsiYYCCrih9lEw_thumb_36b6.jpgAs discussed in an earlier blog post, the world needs to begin heading down a more sustainable path for the future generations. We are over-populating, overeating, overfishing, and overusing. Multibillion dollar corporations corner the industry and put money in the pockets of those that have influence politically and the power to make a change. It’s up to big name brands like Adidas, who are releasing a shoe made up of 95% ocean plastic, to make a difference and be the change. In 2017, the brand aims to produce 1 million pairs of the sneakers from more than 11 million plastic bottles.
Even IKEA has just unveiled a furniture set made out of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. “We need to become better at using the planet’s resources in a smart way. Our ambition is to increase the share of recycled materials in our products. We are looking into new ways to re-use materials, such as paper, fibre, foam and plastic, so that we can give them a new life in a new product,” says Anna Granath, product developer at IKEA. Later in 2017, IKEA has plans to release an even more sustainable and “waste-free” line of furniture, and continue to produce more sustainably.

When Keurig came out with the single-serve coffee machine that almost instantly brews a cup of joe it seemed like the best innovation at the time. Little did we realize how detrimental they could be to the environment and our health. There are enough K-Cup pods that haven’t been recycled  in the world to circle the globe over 12 times. In an interview with the The Atlantic, even the founder of Keurig,  John Sylvan, said “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it.” If you have ever seen the hashtag #killthekcup, it started from this anonymous video depicting a  Hollywood-grade visual effects movie of an invasion of the K-cup.

At least we have companies like popular coffee brand Chock full o’ Nuts with their new “Brew and Renew” campaign promoting the world’s first certified 100% compostable single-serve pod, or retail giant Target pledging to remove harmful chemicals from their products and invest in a cleaner, safer, alternative called green chemistry.

Companies realize whats going on in the world, it’s just a matter of what’s more important, the money or our planet. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll realize the change that is coming, slowly but surely. Large corporations are coming to realize the impact we are having on the planet and the role they even play themselves. But, the ones that realize they have an even bigger role in laying the foundation for our future in sustainability and conservation are the ones that will keep us afloat and continue making a difference.




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