30 Days of Gratitude

Hello good people,

d77ffc8732f32b0a99335f85a76cae6e-1Here today I’m going to talk about a challenge I am going to partake in called the 30 Days of Gratitude. I saw this online and was inspired by a fellow blogger to join in on the project. An opportunity like this can really help someone show them what is important in their life and what they truly are grateful for.

We live in such a consumer culture focused on materialistic things that we often overlook the world’s little intricacies that bring us so much joy an happiness and that we should really appreciate more. Hopefully during this project, I, and whomever else decides to participate as well, learn something about ourselves we did not know. I hope to gain a further appreciation for the little things that I may neglect or not think twice about.

I will start the first post tomorrow, and keep up with a new post daily about what I am grateful for. I hope you enjoy reading it as well as even trying it out yourself.



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