30 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 – Technology

What technology am I grateful for? Day 2This is a tough one for me. The short answer is my laptop computer.

The long answer goes a little more in depth..

As a millennial, we have these pre-determined societal standards that we all grow up on our phones and tablets and computers and have to like it. Now, for most of us, we have grown up in the digital age with a heavy dependence and reliance on technology for most facets of our lives. As I have grown up, I have came to realize the damage such helpful and beneficial advancements can cause.

 Our parents generation, but more-so their parent’s generation, our grandparents, look down upon us and the digital lives we were forced into. People are lazy nowadays. The ability to almost instantaneously reach someone over the phone or computer makes us less willing to put in the extra effort to see someone face-to-face and get out and participate as a member of society.

I’ve spent too much time sitting with a group of people at a table, or standing in line, or in a room and looked around to see every single person on their phone. Sparking a conversation with a stranger is now suddenly a scary concept. Eye-contact is avoided at all costs.

I have made a strong effort in the more recent parts of my journey to be the change I wanted to see within the world, more specifically my generation, the mellenials. I started trying to not resort to my phone in those quiet and awkward situations, and to even be the conversation starter and the ice breaker. Although snapping a photo or video of something ensures your memory is digitally saved for as long as the Internet is up, I feel as if there is a disconnect between that memory and the moment you make that click. It doesn’t resonate inside of you the same. I have began to appreciate the moment and live in it then, not through a picture or video later.

You may be wondering how my laptop came to be my most grateful piece of technology. The answer is simple. It has allowed me to bring this message to you. Technology has brought many things, good and bad, but it has made it easier to connect and teach audiences you never thought you could.

As a journalism major, writing is kind of my thing. I love any type of writing, but when I find a topic I care about or an opinion to share I can’t stop. Writing makes me happy and gives me a purpose. It allows me to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I haven’t been blogging for long, but I have been writing for quite some time. In all the time I’ve been writing, I have never felt as comfortable, expressive, happy, eloquent, and confident in my writing than now. Through my computer, I have been able to create my own online community themed around my passions and interests where I can put my thoughts on display for others to read and support. The computer is where it all started for the digital age, before all the iPhones and iPads and other smart devices. Its original purpose was to store and transmit information, and that is what I want to do. I want to store and transmit my thoughts and interests through a medium that can be accessed by all, and I am most grateful the computer has been able to help me achieve that goal.


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