30 Days of Gratitude – Day 3: Color

Today, I am most grateful for the color blue. It was never my favorite color or one that I even thought twice about. As my life progressed, my passions and inner beliefs started
to take shape, and the things that mattered started to really shine. All the things that mattered to me were associated with the color blue.

 My deeply rooted love for the ocean revolves around the blue day 3waves that come crashing into the shore, or the calm stillness of the mighty blue open sea.  To me, blue correlates with a calm and relaxing energy associated with meditation and peace. It has stress relieving characteristics and the color blue, as well as so many other aspects of the ocean have great health and even therapeutic benefits. Blue reminds me of the most important person in my life which is always a happy and positive thought and brings great memories flooding back in. 


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