Hello there friends,

My name is Zack, I am 22 years young and a New Jersey native. I went to college in Monmouth County and lived down there for a while which is where I grew a strong passion and interest for ocean conservation and sustainability and felt the need to spread awareness about our currently degrading environmental state and what one can do to help.

I am a recent graduate from Monmouth University, currently residing in Washington, D.C. working for Oceana, an international ocean advocacy and conservation organization. This blog does not reflect the views of my employer, but is strictly a personal tool to express my opinions and concerns.

I began following a vegetarian diet over a year ago which only heightened my efforts to stop not just the harm to the oceans, beaches and environment, but the animals that live within them as well. I strive to be a part the conservation efforts and have worked with several conservation organizations in recent years. I am also an amateur photographer during my downtime. On my Instagram you can find all my ocean and surf related photography. 

I care deeply about our planet and all beings within. With a degree in journalism, I feel as if it is my duty to write about and inform the general public on the important issues surrounding general conservation and what they can do to give back and help make a difference. The direction we as human beings have been heading in has not been one of promise and hope, but of fear and denial. 

 I hope you follow me through my journey, read and share my work if you feel so inclined, as well as taking the extra step and actually going out there and making a difference in the world in any way you can. Thanks for reading!