Back in Action – Why the Break?

Hello world,

It has indeed been all too long since I have written anything to share but, I want to change that and get back to my roots. I always have something to say, an opinion to share, an issue to discuss, people, products, and organizations to criticize, but more importantly there is always a world to save. So, I’m going to make extra efforts to really get back to my consistent posts about the environmental issues we face daily and that matter to me, but affect many.

The title of this post asks a simple question: Why the break?

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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 9: Place

After taking days to ponder this, typing up drafts and thoughts on places I thought I was grateful for, I finally found the one that calls to me. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, I am most grateful for the beach. Predictable huh? That’s okay if it is, because I mean it. I felt theday 9 gratitude, appreciation, love, and happiness today more than ever before. After a few hours spent today sitting and walking along my front yard, the atlantic ocean and Long Branch beach, I knew this is what I had to write about.
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Hello everyone,

I wanted to throw a different blog post in between my 30 Days of Gratitude posts about something I felt the need to bring up and discuss. It’s too often we hear about how important time is, but most really don’t think twice about it. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “time is money” and, in a way it is. But, it doesn’t just have a monetary value, time means so much more than money. We have limited time here on this planet, in this body, and in this life. You can’t change time. There is no fast forwarding or rewinding, slowing down or speeding up, and especially no making up for lost time. Once that time is gone, it’s gone and there is no getting it back. Continue reading “Time”

30 Days of Gratitude – Day 7: Memory

day 7 memory

What memory are you grateful for?

The memory that I am most grateful for is that of a life-changing and amazing experience in Costa Rica. I spent a week traveling with a group of about 10 people from the capital city of San Jose, to the surfing beaches of Jacó. Over 7 days we stayed in 4 different hotels participating in everything from zip-lining to white water rafting, walking through a cocoa plantation and making our own chocolate and hiking up the Arenal Volcano just to name a few. It was here that I had the best time of my life, it was here I became vegetarian again without having looked back since, it was here I became more in tune with my mind, body, and soul than ever before, it was here that I found myself.

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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 6: Nature

What in nature am I grateful for?

The future safety and well-being of our environment is the driving force behind my passion for conservation and sustainability, but my heart lies with the sea. The more I keep writing about the ocean in these posts, the stronger my love gets and the more grateful I become. There are so many aspects of the ocean that make me so happy and appreciative, it’s no surprise I am grateful for so many things regarding the big blue. Continue reading “30 Days of Gratitude – Day 6: Nature”

30 Days of Gratitude – Day 5: Sound

Today I am grateful for the sound of the ocean. The waves crashing onto the shore less than 500 feet away from my house is my remedy to life. I go to sleep to the beautiful ocean music and I wake up to it. Just like so many other aspects of the ocean, the sound of the sea has many crucial health benefits as well. It can be used as a stress-relieving, mind-freeing, and peaceful tool for the betterment of your body, mind, and soul. Every day when I leave my house, I walk over to the boardwalk and gaze out at the ocean.

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The Road to a Greener Planet

I truly believe that the hardest aspect of conservation is not the planet nor the animals, but rather the people that inhabit this planet we call home. It has become quite evident that the earth is currently in its fastest mass extinction event in its long history, with species of animals going extinct at a rate never before seen. For most people it is just as evident that all this destruction to biodiversity is almost completely human-caused. However, the harm that humans have wreaked on this beautiful plant is not what makes people the most difficult aspect in practicing conservation; it’s getting them to care. Continue reading “The Road to a Greener Planet”

30 Days of Gratitude – Day 4: Food

What food am I grateful for today?                                                                       day 4

Since becoming a vegetarian, I have gained a profound respect for the land that we live off of and the natural fruits and vegetables that grow from it. Today I am most grateful for fresh vegetables. If you want to get even more specific, I appreciate broccoli the most.

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30 Days of Gratitude – Day 3: Color

Today, I am most grateful for the color blue. It was never my favorite color or one that I even thought twice about. As my life progressed, my passions and inner beliefs started
to take shape, and the things that mattered started to really shine. All the things that mattered to me were associated with the color blue.

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